The Wide Reaching Effects Of Soccer

The Super Bowl, the World Series and the national championships of basketball and hockey cannot compare to the fan base or the fanaticism of professional soccer. The world cup is the culmination of a years best soccer teams from nearly every country in the world joining together to celebrate the sport of soccer.

International teams come together to play for the title of world champion. Unlike other sports competitions that claim to be worlds best, soccer is the only truly international sport. American football, baseball and basketball teams propose that they are world champions when they win competitions against rival teams from other cities and states within the US, but when compared with the reach and influence that professional mens soccer has on the world the typically US affiliated sports franchises pale in the number of fans and the number of players that can be found in the streets and fields of cities, towns and villages throughout the world.

From the time that they are able to stand children everywhere around the globe are introduced to the sport of soccer. Athletes in the poorest regions of Africa can be found dribbling a soccer ball and playing a fast paced game of what is referred to outside the United States as football. Throughout south and central America and all across Europe and Asia children of all ages engage in the sport of soccer. Many young players dream of one day putting a pair of mens soccer cleats and walking on to a football pitch to play in a national game against the professionally ranked teams of the world for a shot at the championship of all championships the famous World Cup of soccer.

Gaining in popularity over the past decade or so, soccer has finally reached the shores of the United States and kids from every city enroll in soccer leagues for both boys and girls to play matches in. As the sport has grown and gained a following in the US a few cities have bravely adopted a professional mens soccer league that plays in matches against 12 professional teams. Although the sport is not yet as popular as the leagues that are found in the United Kingdom and Europe, American soccer is finding a home in the hearts of fans that enjoy watching the scrimmages of the players that lace up a pair of mens soccer cleats and emerge onto the field to play a game known the world over.


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